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April 17, 2024
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From L to R: Mayor Jyoti Gondek, Geraldine Anderson, Calgary Economic Development, Russell Broom, Amber Marshall, Kate Thompson, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, Craig Samuel, XPRIZE, Terry Rock, Platform Calgary, Roderick Tate, TELUS Spark, Mark Tewksbury, Alyson Robb, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Paula Calderon, Calgary Immigrant Women's Association, Nabeel Ramji, Pedesting, Anila Umar (Lee Yuen), Centre for Newcomers, Joel Cowley, The Calgary Stampede, Brad Parry, Calgary Economic Development, Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, Alex Sarian, Arts Commons, Cindy Ady, Tourism Calgary, Sol Zia, Calgary Hotel Association, Jack Hopkie, University of Calgary student, Patti Pon, Calgary Arts Development, Tim Fox, Calgary Foundation, Vicki Van Chau, Film Maker, Connor Curran, Local Laundry, Jon Cornish, University of Calgary, Megan Zimmerman, Calgary Economic Development

Photo credit: Neil Zeller

2024 Report to the Community, hosted by Calgary Economic Development and presented by WestJet and TELUS Business, took place on Apr. 17. 2024. An event replay will be available in the coming days on ourYouTube channel here.

Calgary’s community partners have come together at Calgary Economic Development’s 2024 Report to the Community to share “Blue Sky City” – Calgary's new brand.

The new brand tells a story about Calgary being a city of blue-sky thinking and innovation, a place of unexpected possibilities and a place of confluence — where peoples, lands, cultures and ideas converge. By celebrating the history and diversity of Calgary, it is designed to reflect all Calgarians.

The Blue Sky City brand also serves as a reference to Calgary being the sunniest city in Canada with 333 days of sunshine each year.

“We know Calgary is an incredible place to call home. We consistently get top ranks for livability, affordability and quality of life, but we haven’t been able to clearly articulate this story to ourselves or people outside our city,” said Brad Parry, President and CEO, Calgary Economic Development and CEO, Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund.

“It’s time to tell our own story or continue having others tell it for us. A strong, authentic and aspirational brand supports long-term growth and will align us around a shared vision for the future.”

Calgary is the Blue Sky City 

Blue Sky CityResearch conducted by Calgary Economic Development and Tourism Calgary showed Calgarians didn’t feel represented in the city’s brand and those outside Alberta had a one-dimensional view of the city. In response, the two organizations, in partnership with the City of Calgary, undertook a process to identify a new brand that was reflective of all Calgarians.

To create a more inclusive and representative brand for the city, the business community, government, equity-deserving communities, Indigenous communities, youth groups, not-for-profits, community associations and arts groups were engaged in the process. This engagement was inclusive of a broad range of individuals, taking into account age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and geographic location.

In total, 129 organizations across 26 sectors were engaged at every phase of the brand work through interviews, workshops, cross-country focus groups and surveys. 

“Tourism Calgary works every day to promote our destination to national and international audiences. As an evolving city, we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how Calgarians see our city, and what resonates for them about who our city is and how we can better tell that story collectively,” said Cindy Ady, CEO, Tourism Calgary. 

“As we look ahead, our team will be working together with our many local business partners and community to understand how to best make our city’s brand come to life.” 

While the organizations released a new identity, it is only the first step in the brand rollout with a logo and other visual elements to follow, and each partner will integrate the new brand in their storytelling in the weeks and months to come. 

“This brand belongs to all Calgarians, and it’s a reflection of what Calgarians believe their city is today and what they aspire it to be. Our story is about opportunity and unexpected possibilities,” said Parry. 

A city of innovators: Blue Sky thinking 

Calgary is largely seen as a city home to innovators and blue sky thinkers - full of unexpected possibilities and opportunities. 

“We are alive and kicking and crushing the expectations of everyone else because we believe in ourselves,” said Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek. 

“It's blue skies and opportunity all day long for us. Calgary's optimism is palpable, and our shared path to prosperity is paved with the ideas that Calgarians are bringing to life every day.” 

The importance of innovation as key driver of economic success was a common thread throughout the speakers’ remarks.

“Innovation is all about people. It's impossible to innovate without curious people that create amazing outcomes because capital follows talent,” said Craig Samuel, Board Member, XPRIZE.  

Calgary has recently seen a large boost in venture capital investment and the tech industry. In 2023, Calgary was a top destination for investment, closing 64 venture capital deals valued at $501 million. 

In addition to strong VC numbers, strategic investments by the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF) continue to build capacity in Calgary’s startup ecosystem.  

“OCIF is driven by a mandate to find, fuel and foster innovation in Calgary,” said Parry. 

Having committed $86.2 million to 28 projects to date, the fund acts as a catalyst to drive investment and innovation to accelerate economic diversification, one of the goals of Calgary’s economic strategy. These projects have resulted in the creation or retention of more than 3,300 jobs and the creation or expansion of 630 companies.

Why Calgary? Calgarians answered 

A panel of notable Calgarians gathered to share why Calgary is one of the best places build a life and make a living. 

Amber Marshall, Canadian actress and singer most known for her leading role on the locally filmed show, Heartland, shared how the blue sky represents the beauty of the Calgary region and its community.

Brad Parry, Russell Broom, Amber Marshall, Mark Tewskbury

“Many people say that they are ‘self-made’, but that’s not necessarily the case in Calgary. I believe that my success and the things that I have accomplished are because of the people in Calgary – we have a community of people that lift one another up,” shared Marshall.  

After a successful career as an Olympian in Calgary’s 1988 games, Mark Tewksbury, has once again made Calgary his home and enrolled in SAIT’s culinary program, one of the top 15 culinary programs in the world. 

“I always wanted to do something different but rewarding after travelling for work my whole life. I thought maybe one day I would study cooking and found I could do so in Calgary. Now, I will never travel for work again, and I get to create something innovative in the city I call home,” said Tewksbury.  

Russel Broom, a locally based musical polymath, also nodded to Calgary's entrepreneurial and collaborative community. 

“The music community here is so supportive. Calgary’s music community lifts one another up. When one of us breaks through, our community’s mindset is to elevate everyone around us,” said Broom. “You don’t see this in other places, and it forms a connective tissue among entrepreneurs and musicians here.” 

Fellow musician Lindsay Ell, Canadian singer and songwriter, shared a special message via video about her hometown – Calgary. 

“I'm so proud to say that I'm a born and raised Calgarian. I think our city is one of the most special places in the world, and when we all come together, we can make magic happen.” 

Wakefield Brewster, Calgary’s sixth poet laureate, also shared a poem that embodies the new brand and the true essence of the city. 

Calgary Economic Development’s impact: 2023 highlights 

At Calgary Economic Development’s 2024 Report to the Community, Parry also shared several highlights from the past year.   

  • Calgary Economic Development created or retained more than 7,000 jobs and attracted more than $734 million in investments.   
  • Calgary was a top destination for investment, closing 64 venture capital deals valued at $501 million. 
  • For every dollar committed by the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF), Calgary has generated $11 back in additional economic activity, spurring a projected total of $870 million in economic activity. 
  • By the end of 2023, OCIF has committed $86.2 million to 28 projects. These projects have resulted in the creation or retention of more than 3,300 jobs and the creation or expansion of 630 companies.

"Thank you to our presenting sponsors, WestJet and TELUS Business, our gold sponsors, including the Calgary Herald, Calgary Arts Development, Calgary Hotel Association, and all the silver sponsors and exhibitors who made this event possible,” said Joe Lougheed, Board Chair, Calgary Economic Development. 

Calgary Poet Laureate Wakefield Brewster Blue Sky City

Calgary Blue Sky Stories

Throughout the event, community members were asked to share their Blue Sky stories to shine a spotlight on what makes Calgary an incredible place to build a career and a life.

Calgarians of all ages, backgrounds and industries revealed what opportunities and unexpected possibilities they’ve found while living here.

Photo Credit: Neil Zeller

alex sarian v3
Alex Sarian

President & CEO, Arts Commons

What I love the most about this place we get to call home, is the audacity with which we ask big questions, and the sense of community with which we answer them.

Were it not for this unique combination of boldness and service, Arts Commons would not be breaking ground on the largest cultural infrastructure project in Canadian history, imagining and building a central gathering place in our downtown core for all Calgarians to come together around a shared commitment to civic dialogue and cultural exchange.

As we move forward with this work, I am deeply moved by how this new campaign embraces and reflects our unique ambitions for Calgary’s future, while also serving to connect us with everyone else wanting to make this city the best possible version of itself.   
CED RTC 24 NZ 2009
Anila Umar (Lee Yuen)

President & CEO, Centre for Newcomers

Calgary is a city of all types of possibilities. Newcomers can be whomever they want here - IF, the stars align... Their credentials are recognized, they get the opportunities to study, to use public services like the library or parks, and build a diverse network of community that will help them. If we are lucky to have the stars align, then the sky is the limit. We end up as Mayor of this great city, we are given the opportunity to build the largest settlement agency in Alberta and our children can even become Hollywood stars.

Nowhere is it more evident that our community is limitless together than from the newcomer perspective. The way we respond to global humanitarian crises is impressive. From accepting Vietnamese boat people to Sudanese lost boys and navigating the Syrian crisis and the Ukrainian evacuees as well. Again, with this comes the downside of systemic racism and unconscious bias. It's very clear that our community favors certain newcomers over others and that there are tiers of support.

Calgary is not perfect. It is up to each of us and the broader community to help make the Blue Sky City real for each and every newcomer. Regardless of the issues we face, the opportunities for success are what drive people globally to want to move here. We are currently the number 3 city in Canada for newcomers to move to. We still have land, jobs, and our housing prices haven't reached the absurdity that is Toronto or Vancouver. We are relatively safe and have a lot of outdoor spaces to enjoy and explore. As the indomitable Patti Pon once coined through Imagine Calgary in 2005 - we are a great city to make a living; and an even better city to make a life!
CED RTC 24 NZ 1562
Cindy Ady

CEO, Tourism Calgary

I have been a part of the Calgary community for many years – as tourism minister, CEO, board member, and resident. Where I have been sitting as Tourism Calgary’s CEO, I have had the privilege to watch Calgary think big and do amazing things like the way we welcome, host and elevate events – like ‘88 Olympics. Calgary was the ONLY destination that was able to put off successful events like the Curling bubble we had here during the early days of the pandemic when nobody else in Canada was able to deliver them.

What makes Calgary so special is while we always think big – its the community’s approach to lean in, to put up our hands to support, to open doors, to volunteer – to make all our dreams a reality.

The most recent example of this for me is the Special Olympics Winter Games which was just hosted in our city. Calgary put on the biggest and best games in Special Olympics Canada history. Calgary’s corporate community stepped up big and sponsored the Games in record numbers, contributing millions of dollars to the event. More than 1,500 Calgarians signed up to volunteer for the Games – in fact, when we put the call out, we had HUNDREDS of volunteers within the first 24 hours.

Special Olympics Canada says Calgary is a model for how to deliver these games for future host cities. As a result, one leader in Ontario called us the Sports Capital of Canada.

When our city works together, there are no limits to what we can achieve.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1912
Connor Curran

Co-founder, Local Laundry

Calgary is a city where ideas take flight against the backdrop of our vast blue skies. It's here, in this vibrant city, where my co-founder and I began an unlikely journey with Local Laundry. Starting with $50 and a Google search on how to start a t-shirt company, we embarked on a mission not just to produce clothes but to forge a community bound by the very fabric of our garments. Throughout the pandemic, while many faced uncertainties, Calgary’s spirit of resilience and innovation allowed us to double our revenue, expanding our team and intensifying our commitment to Canadian made production. Every garment we create, every relationship we build, reflects Calgary's limitless possibilities. It's a city that nurtures entrepreneurial spirits and champions sustainable practices, making it not just a place to live, but a place to thrive. A place where hard work and thoughtful risk taking is rewarded, no matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe in, thanks to the supportive and comradery in Calgary. Join us in keeping it local and embracing the vast possibilities that Calgary offers.
CED RTC 24 NZ 0977 v2
Deborah Yedlin

President & CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Picture this. More than 35 years ago, I'm on a Canadian Airlines flight, and I'm watching Anne Wheeler in a movie called Bye-Bye Blues. The lead character is taking her fist and trying to get the frost off the window of the train that she's travelling on across the country, across Alberta. When that frost finally comes off, you see this blue sky and a very frozen tundra, frozen background, landscape. I'm watching that film and looking at that blue sky, and she's looking at the blue sky, and I'm thinking this is all about possibility. I landed in Calgary and found a city that surprises me and continues to surprise me.

Calgary is a city of possibility. It's a city that says yes to opportunities. It's a city that looks to solve problems together, a city that takes risks, that starts something, start many things. It's a city that does not give up on itself, even when others have done so.

When I look at Calgary and the endless opportunities that exist here, a city that says yes to diversity and diversification act that has seized the moment and not looked back, I think about the future in terms of what it holds for all of us. All of this is happening as we come together as we are meant to in the confluence of the Bow and the Elbow, we come together under this big blue umbrella where we truly know that the opportunities have no limits.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1022
Jack Hopkie

Student, University of Calgary

As someone born and raised in Calgary, this city has always felt special to me. When it came to choosing where to go to university, and now with my undergrad coming to a close, I've intentionally considered where I want to build my life and launch my career. I began picturing myself in other cities I've visited... but Calgary always stood out. There isn't one defining reason, rather a combination of incredible things. Whether it's our proximity to the mountains, or the enthusiastic, diverse, and passionate community of people around me; I can’t say for certain. What I do know for sure is that Calgary is a city that has provided me with incredible, unexpected opportunities (Like speaking here today!), and it’s a place I am extremely proud to call home.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1996
Joel Cowley

CEO, The Calgary Stampede

"I will tell you that I'm partial to mountains growing up in Colorado, but it was really the people. When I first came up here 31 years ago, it was just striking just how welcoming this community was. I came back nearly every year since and came to the Stampede while I was working at the Houston Livestock Show on Rodeo but just a wonderful, welcoming community.

Two and a half years ago the way I was welcomed into the community, granted I was probably granted some grace based upon my association with the Calgary Stampede, but I don't think my my experience is unique. Alex and I have spoken about this because it's people that don't know I work for the Calgary Stampede - whether I'm out at events or attending functions - people are just wonderful here in Calgary. It's a wonderful, welcoming environment, and it's very inclusive as well."
CED RTC 24 NZ 1940
Jon Cornish

Former Calgary Stampeder, Chancellor, University of Calgary

Arriving in Calgary after being drafted by the Calgary Stampeders, I was immediately struck by the sight of some of my teammates, dressed in suits, showing up to practice ready for their post practice work. This blend of professionalism and passion was something I embraced wholeheartedly, carrying the discipline and dedication from the field to my first banking role as a Teller at the Market Mall TD branch. I was motivated to start working both by my teammate’s efforts, but also those of my mentors, who laid out a path from football to becoming an investment advisor.

Calgary taught me the value of hard work, both on and off the field, setting the stage for a life of balance and purpose. And Calgary's magic didn't stop there. It was in this vibrant city, just a day after announcing my retirement from football, that I met my wife at TD Wealth. A few weeks later, Doug Mitchell invited me to the BLG officers to meet a group of his friends, and all of a sudden, I didn’t just live in Calgary, I was a part of it.

I call Calgary a “sticky city” in that you can’t just come here and leave. In fact, my mother always joked that if I met someone in Calgary, I wouldn't return to Vancouver. She was right. Now working with my wife at RBC Dominion Securities, helping pay forward everything I received, I now call Calgary home. Calgary was where my heart found its place, not just in love but in a community that embraced me with open arms.

My time with the Stampeders, in my career and my volunteering efforts across the city have shown me the true spirit of Calgary. It's a place where opportunity knocks at every corner, where the business community welcomes you with a handshake and a smile, ready to share a coffee and a conversation. And our diversity is our strength, a testament to the city's inclusive spirit, making Calgary, in my opinion, the best city in the world.

This city has given me so much - a career, a community, and a family. My story, woven into the fabric of Calgary, is a story of opportunity, western hospitality, and the unwavering spirit of its people. It's a reminder that here, in Calgary, anything is possible for anyone.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1409
Kate Thompson

President & CEO, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

When I first moved to Calgary, little did I know I was stepping into a city that would shape my life in such a significant way. I didn’t know much about Calgary at the time, but I was attracted to the opportunity and optimism that Calgary offered. Now 20 years later, it is my home. The place that I chose to start and grow my family, the place where I grew my career, and the place that continues to inspire, challenge, and surprise me. Over the years, I have crossed paths with an incredible mix of people, many of whom have helped shape our city, and all of whom are united by a shared love for Calgary… because it isn't just a place; it's a community. It is a community that supports each other, that connects, and that sees possibility and chases it. Unapologetically, it is a community that is better together.  And because of all this, now more than ever, Calgary’s possibilities are as big as our blue skies.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1081
Nabeel Ramji

CEO, Pedesting

As a native Calgarian, and someone who lives with Cerebral Palsy, I could not talk until the age of 9. If it was not for the compassionate and kind team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, I would not have been able to receive the 8 surgeries which subsequently enabled my potential as a human being.

Calgary is a special place where anything is possible. This is why I feel passionate about giving back to the city, through Pedesting, to make Calgary more accessible and inclusive with the use of technology.

In Calgary, it feels like you are only one or two connections away from people who want to help you.  This is what makes it possible to achieve anything in Calgary, including unlocking the potential of others.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1103
Patti Pon

President & CEO, Calgary Arts Development

I am a born and raised Calgarian and while I love my city, I don’t always like it. And in these recent times, there have been more and more moments when I have come to really dislike my city. Like when forces that seem to work harder to pull us apart rather than together, or when the focus is on making it all about me and mine and not us and ours, or behaviours that embed that the inclusion of people who look like me somehow means to the exclusion of others; who ironically hold most of the power and privilege.

And in these moments when it feels like my head is being pulled down to take cover and turn away, I fight the urge and instead….I look up… to that big sky…to the sky that reminds me that the Calgary I love is a hometown that is one of optimism, of possibility, and opportunity…that reinforces and continually works to ensure that Calgary is a place for all of us, not some of us.

Before Canada was Canada, and Calgary was Calgary; our home was/is known as Moh-kins-tsis (in Blackfoot); Guts’ists’i (in Tsuut’ina); and Wîchîspa (in Stoney) in the languages of the First Nations people of this territory.

And since this time, this place has been revered as a place of gathering to trade, to celebrate, to learn, to BELONG. it’s the place that envisions there’s no Calgary without me…without us. THAT IS THE CITY I LOVE…THAT is my Blue Sky city.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1320
Paula Calderon

CEO, Calgary Immigrant Women's Association

As a fairly new Calgarian, to me the essence of Calgary lies in the confluence of cultures where most people celebrate and embrace diversity. As the CEO of an immigrant serving organization, I see Calgary as a place where the unfamiliar becomes familiar, and the unknown comes with promise.

What I’ve found most amazing, is the collective spirit and shared enthusiasm for the journey ahead, that truly defines Calgary. I’ve found people that are moved by purpose and passion, that have dreams and aspirations.

Calgary's energy is a bit of an enigma, but I feel that what truly sets Calgary apart is not just the individual potential of its residents, but the collective power that we possess when we come together. Calgarians are a force to be reckoned with when united, there is strength, talent, and passions towards a common goal. In unity lies the greatest strength, propelling everyone forward and this is how success is truly achieved.

I’ve been very fortunate to be welcomed in this City, to have met here some of the most amazing, generous and accomplished people that I have ever met, but perhaps what truly distinguishes Calgary right now is a genuine enthusiasm for the future. Calgarians are constantly seeking out new opportunities and pushing boundaries. It's this spirit of optimism and innovation that fuels this city's relentless drive towards excellence and although I have been talking and bragging about the literal blue skies, which I love, that spirit of optimism and longing for a bright future is the real blue sky.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1875
Roderick Tate

President & CEO, TELUS Spark

For me, Calgary has always been a place that defies the ordinary, where the word 'no' is not an endpoint but a challenge to innovate and excel. Our city embodies the true spirit of resilience and ambition, a place where every sunrise brings with it new opportunities to push the boundaries of what is possible. We are a community known not only for our achievements but for the heart and soul we pour into everything we do. Our unspoken values of western hospitality - have made use known for our warm and welcoming culture embodied in the passion in which we support our neighbours.  

In Calgary, every spark of an idea, has the potential to be turned into reality. From the energy that powers our homes and businesses to the technology that drives our future; from the arts that enrich our souls to the adventures that await around every corner of our vibrant city - Calgary is a place where blue sky thinking is not only accepted but is encouraged and supported by all who call this city home.   

As Canada's sunniest city, our blue skies are not just a meteorological fact; they are a symbol of our endless optimism and entrepreneurial spirit. From the excitement of the Calgary Stampede to the innovation of Beakerhead, our city is a tapestry of cultures, languages, and ideas lighting a canvas of creativity and sustainability.

So, to everyone here today, whether you've called Calgary home for a lifetime or just a day, know that you are part of something extraordinary. In Calgary, under our boundless blue skies, we don't just dream big - like me, we live our dreams.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1646
Sol Zia

Executive Director, Calgary Hotel Association

As you land in Calgary, whether it be for a business trip, film and television production, a concert, or visiting a loved one, and you watch the Rockies collide with the Prairies and where the rivers meet to form an unforgettable skyline, you know you are going somewhere SPECIAL and UNEXPECTED. Over 300 days of the year, visitors land with that big blue sky framing our downtown with spectacular mountains completing the canvas.

There are no limits for visitors to region! Our hotel lobbies are the metaphor for confluence, and our hotel workers always represent our diversity more than any sector I can think of - just walk into a hotel! With that smile and welcome, you know you are somewhere, and in for something, SPECIAL!
CED RTC 24 NZ 1590
Terry Rock

President & CEO, Platform Calgary

I’ve had a front row seat to what makes this city great throughout my career in academia, the arts, craft beer and now tech. I’ve always felt I had a secret perspective that was never really articulated, until now - Blue Sky City.

In the arts, this has been validated with colleagues from around the world saying "I feel free to create here, I'm not tied down to traditions.” Illustrated by the work of change-makers like Jean Grande Maitre creating contemporary ballet and Andrew Mosker evolving Calgary as a destination for music with the National Music Centre. No one gave him permission to create the National Music Centre, he just saw it was needed in the country and went about building it. 

In the craft beer industry, when regulations were changed, and anyone could start a brewery, a lot of anyone's did, nowhere more than Calgary. People took the leap here, and their friends backed them financially (and as customers – including me!). It was Calgarians that took charge in opening up the industry too.

And finally in tech now. We're the most collaborative tech city in Canada, and maybe North America. Entrepreneurship is growing and investors are following. We opened Platform about two years ago and last year over 44,000 people walked through our doors.

Calgary is place of possibility -as boundless as our blue skies - where visionaries, together with a supportive community, not only reimagine a better future but create one.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1382
Tim Fox

Vice President, Indigenous Relations & Equity Strategy, Calgary Foundation

Calgary is in the heart of ancestral Blackfoot territory. The Blackfoot describe the landscape of this area as, Moh-kíns-tsis, in reference to the meeting of the Elbow and Bow Rivers. Moh-kíns-tsis, is not the Blackfoot word for Calgary, as Moh-kíns-tsis, has always existed, long before Calgary was ever a thought.

I am a proud member of the Blackfoot Confederacy and a proud member of what is now known as the Calgary community. Our presence here implicates us in the workings of racial justice and Reconciliation and intertwines us as we make efforts towards a more livable and equitable future. To build a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs. So whether your role is in the government, the corporate or the charitable sector, we are all intertwined, and we are all accountable.

When we embed Racial Equity and Reconciliation into the culture of our organizations, we can shift attitudes, behavior and practices to bring about real, sustainable change. When we collectively commit to listening, learning, and unlearning, we can build a resilient community where everyone has a pathway to success, where everyone belongs. And when we centre the experiences and elevate the voices of Indigenous, Black and racialized communities, we can foster trust and build genuine relationships that make our collective work truly transformational.
CED RTC 24 NZ 1889
Vicki Van Chau

Film Maker

I was born and raised in Calgary, so I’ve seen it grow and evolve over the years to become the city I know and love today.

There is just so much potential for someone to come to this city and actually make a difference in their communities. When I have people visiting, they always tell me how the community here, especially in the arts, is so welcoming and warm. Everyone is so open to collaborating, sharing ideas and resources, and just supporting and uplifting each other.

There are so many unique voices with their own amazing stories to tell and more are coming to Calgary every day. I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Calgary Chinatown community, as a way to strengthen my relationship with my own community, and to reconnect with my roots and identity. The Asian diaspora community in Calgary is so resilient and I am

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