Learn about the top companies in Calgary across a number of sectors, including energy, financial services, transportation and logistics and creative industries.


Financial Post Magazine’s top 500 Canadian corporations is published each year in June. This list includes revenue, profit and organization size for the previous year, creating a ranking that accurately paints a picture of corporate Canada’s largest public, private and crown corporations.

In the resources below we provide a filtered version of the list to show the companies headquartered in Calgary.

FP500 Top Calgary Based Companies by Revenue

2023  |       2021  |    2020  |     2019 


FP500 Top Calgary Based Companies by Employees 

2021  |    2020 |      2019

Looking for industry-specific company lists?

Head to community partner’s Business Link, Crunchbase and Start Alberta to discover more.

Head office concentration

Head offices are highly desirable as they provide the base of corporate decision-making and for more than a decade, Calgary has remained Western Canada’s head office leader. Calgary has the highest concentration of headquarters in Canada which makes it a location of choice for companies looking to grow their business.

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Last Update: July 2021



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